Collection: Soaps & Cleansers

Our glycerine-rich soap bars for traditionalists and low-waste enthusiasts are hydrating and smell beautiful. One of our favourites is a nourishing honey and goat’s milk bar with calendula flowers for sensitive skin, providing a gentle touch of lavender and indulgence.

Our sulfate-free soap bars are hydrating and will not dry out your skin. The eye-catching colours are crafted with natural mica. The unique soap bar designs with our signature fragrance blends aim to make your daily rituals into delightful sensory experiences. 

Meet the rebels - our time-saving Sensitive Skin Facial Oil Cleansing Gel, a 2-in-1 cleanser and hydration boost, melting away dirt without blocking your pores, leaving your skin soothed, softened and moisturised. Recommended for sensitive or acne-prone skin and contains essential oils for a light scent.

For the hands, feet, body and lips, experience the refreshing and revitalising wonders of our Sunshine Renewal Exfoliating Sugar Scrub, to clean, remove dead cells and leave you with revived, hydrated skin. 

Liquid lovers can immerse in our handmade aromatherapy hand and body wash range that includes Blossom Bliss, Citrus Medley and Serenity Bloom. Each one is infused with essential oils for a melody of refreshment and moisturising. Vegan-friendly and small-batch crafted with our unique blends of essential oils, it's a thoughtful choice for you and the planet, coming in a bottle that’s made from 30% recycled ocean plastic.

Elevate your routine – for those who appreciate the charm of holistic indulgence. Because your skin deserves the best, and so does your well-being and the planet.