Prevented Ocean Plastic™ - Redefining Beauty Responsibly

Responsible Beauty - Exploring The Prevented Ocean Plastic™ Movement

In a world where beauty takes responsibility, we're hopeful to come one step closer towards a greener future by partnering with Prevented Ocean Plastic™ and The Plastic Bottles Company.

Our 200 ml size bottles will now be packaged in plastic that was prevented from polluting our oceans. The bottles contain 30% prevented ocean plastics. We will be phasing out our old packaging and extending this new more eco-friendly option across the range, where we can.   

More than a material, it's part of our promise to redefine beauty by marrying conscious choices with sustainable practices.  

Sourcing Beauty from the Oceans:

At the heart of Prevented Ocean Plastic™ is a commitment to sourcing high-quality recycled plastic from coastal areas before it can reach the ocean, seeking to make a profound impact on the very ecosystems that make up this beautiful planet.

Empowering Local Communities:

Prevented Ocean Plastic™ actively supports local communities in the areas where plastic is collected, creating a ripple effect of positive change.

A Global Movement:

Operating worldwide, Prevented Ocean Plastic™ spans across continents. From South East Asia to South America, the Galapagos Islands, the Mediterranean, and now Africa, it saves thousands of tonnes of plastic yearly, leaving a mark on a global scale.

Transparent Traceability:

Certified traceability is the backbone of Prevented Ocean Plastic™. From the initial coastline collection to the creation of sustainable recycled packaging, the entire process adheres to the highest standards.

Inspiration from Research Pioneers:

The genesis of Prevented Ocean Plastic™ is rooted in the groundbreaking work of Dr. Jenna Jambeck. Inspired by her comprehensive research, the initiative considers crucial criteria like waste management, wildlife risk, and coastal proximity.

Make the Switch to Beauty That Cares:

It's time to redefine your beauty routine. Make the switch to beauty that cares for the planet. #Choose recycled to help make a difference.

Why Plastic? Dispelling the Myths:

While the call for a plastic-free world resonates, the reality is nuanced. The intense energy requirements and natural resources involved in alternatives like glass, sourced from sand and heated in energy-intensive processes, surpass the environmental impact of responsible plastic production.

Damaging impacts from harvesting the sand needed for glass production include land deterioration and destruction and loss of biodiversity. There is also concerns for rights and welfare of workers. Sand which is used to produce glass is the second most used natural resource in the world after water and the rate of manufacture is not sustainable. The process of manufacture generates silica dust, which cause respiratory problems for those with long term exposure such as workers. 

The Glass Dilemma:

Eco-friendly packaging choices can be a challenge for all. Unless glass vessels are reused multiple times before recycling, they carry a larger carbon footprint and greater transport energy than plastic. Single-use glass, though seemingly eco-friendly, incurs more recycling costs and energy demands.

Our Multi-Material Approach:

We acknowledge the complexity of sustainable packaging. Thus, we use a range of plastic, aluminium, and glass, always seeking improvements. Prevented Ocean Plastic™ is a testament to our commitment to responsible beauty, evolving with each conscious choice.

Embrace Sustainable Beauty Effortlessly:

Prevented Ocean Plastic™ is more than a choice; it’s a movement towards effortless sustainability. Let’s join hands in embracing beauty that transcends skincare, making every ritual a step towards a greener, brighter future.

Prevented Ocean Plastic™: Redefining Beauty, One Bottle at a Time.


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