🌿 ** Our First Time at Wallington Farmers Market ** 🍃

🌿 ** Our First Time at Wallington Farmers Market ** 🍃

We recently set up shop at the Wallington Farmers Market, where the vibe is all about eco-friendliness and supporting local goodness.

Our stall was buzzing with excitement! We introduced greener practices using packaging made with 30% reclaimed ocean plastic.

Plus, we launched new low-packaging options like bar soaps and soon to come: shampoo bars.

We care about reducing waste and embracing a sustainable vibe and hope to improve and achieve more on this as we grow.

That same afternoon, we headed to the Rotary Club Craft Market—thankfully indoors, because doing two November markets in a day would be a bit chilly! The highlight? Our first-ever make-your-own lip gloss session with some awesome kids. Their warmth and good manners made it a real delight.

Looking forward, we're keeping it real with the launch of our in-person refills. We love exploring and developing new products as much as we love finding new ways to cut down on waste. Thanks for being part of our journey! 🌸✨ #SustainableLiving #MarketAdventures #OrganicBeauty

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